Fuck Bush Black Wristband/Bracelet

Model Number: wb001

What the Bush? Are we really going to have a political dynasty on our hands? Jeb Bush is officially running for President of the United States and this is cause for concern.

The US, as well as Iraq, are forever damaged thanks to George W. Bush and his inexcusable and catastrophic attack on Iraq. We at fadishist knew all along that the Iraq War was unjustified, from the very mention of it. What could we do? We took action to spread the word that the war was wrong and even traveled to meet anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan to commend her for her conviction and of course give her some of our product.

We saw the tragedy in the last decade which was brought on by a Bush. The Department of Defense reports 4,425 US Military Casualties and 32,223 returned wounded. Many soldiers are permanently suffering PTSD as a result, and for a time, US soldiers were committing suicide at a higher rate than dying in battle.

It is documented that 140,150 to 158,770 Iraqi civilian casualties occurred as well, destroying families that otherwise were just trying to live out a normal life. Imagine losing everyone in your family for a mistake. It is unforgivable was Bush and Dick Cheney did.

With another Bush in the oval office, who knows what war might come out of it. Would Jeb find a reason to invade Iran? We should never find out by not letting another Bush lead our country to the bottom.

This wrist band had represented the absolute disdain for what the George W. Bush Presidency, and now serves to show the world that we do not want Jeb Bush in command of the United States.

This wristband is black, representing the dark times ahead if Jeb wins the nomination and heads for office. Its recessed type spells out the clearest statement of dissatisfaction with the Bush presidential legacy.

Say it Loud, Wear it Proud.

Available in one size for adults. Also known as the 'Fuck Bush' bracelet.

We ship internationally!

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Fuck Bush Black Wristband/Bracelet
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