'Boycott Gen-X Crap' Sticker

Model Number: skun-byctgnx

Generation X are those born 1965 to 1984, sometimes seen as a self-centered generation riding the razor's edge between indie and consumerism. Every generation has it's own crap, but negative exports of Generation X include slacker attitudes, latchkey children, and the crack epidemic.

Still yet, there is a more modern negative attribution with "Gen-X" in form of the chemical GenX pollution in NC by DuPont and Chemours which has for decades been releasing this chemical in to the Cape Fear River which then has been going in to the water supply.

This water contamination can't be filtered, so North Carolina residents have been effectively poisoned for years. GenX is used for making non-stick cookware, which many see as dangerous to even cook with. Sadly, for many that avoided non-stick cookware, they were still being contaminated by their local water supply.

This sticker is about 8.5 inches wide and 1 inch high.


'Boycott Gen-X Crap' Sticker
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