<x1>Guitar Hero with Guitar (PS2)

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No one said being a rock star was going to be easy. You started in your parents' garage, struggling through primitive arrangements and clashing with bandmates who were more interested in scoring chicks. Eventually you put together a solid sound. The gigs at basement parties were next and pretty soon you were playing clubs. Landing a manager was a big deal. He put you on the fast track to stardom, with bigger venues and a record deal.

Guitar Hero simulates the thrill and the glory of rock 'n' roll. Choose from eight different characters, from metal head to classic rocker, and build a career as a working rock musician. The real kick is in the gameplay, which incorporates an included guitar-shaped controller. It allows you to "play along" with 30 awesome rock tunes by pressing fret buttons and working a responsive and durable strum bar. There's even a whammy bar for extreme action. The songs include selections from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Boston, Audioslave and White Zombie. Four difficulty levels test your skills and six venues will place you before increasingly larger audiences. You love rock music. You're a master at air guitar. Take the next step and walk a career's worth of miles in a rocker's shoes.

Product Features:
* Experience the thrill of being a rock star with addictive gameplay that features wild characters, dramatic story arcs and 30 incredible songs Includes special guitar-shaped controller that lets you "play along" with the music by pressing fret buttons, working the strum bar and accenting with the whammy bar

* Four difficulty levels range from easy to expert and utilize progressive controller difficulty and increased speed

* Explore six rock venues, starting with basement parties and leading to sold-out stadiums

* Experience eight playable characters, each with a distinctive look and playing style

* Songs include classics by David Bowie, The Ramones, Ozzy Osbourne and more

* Two different two-player modes offer tons of head-banging fun Guitar Hero rated T=Teen by ESRB (Descriptors: Mild Lyrics)


<x1>Guitar Hero with Guitar (PS2)
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